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Silver Sneakers

An innovative and fun exercise class focusing on strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance in a friendly format. This class uses equipment such as bands, weights, and chairs.


Try this highly recommended class!
TRX straps leverages gravity and the users body weight to enable hundreds of exercises that can be instantly scaled for any users fitness level. HIIT will be the added cardio part of the class, exercises are done in timed segments, do what you can, no pressure here! Guaranteed to get your blood flowing, your heart rate up and your body in tip top shape!


Body Burn

Body Burn is a high intensity workout built around just body weight. This class is made for people wanting to up their workout routine and boost their stamina. This class will put you into the cardio zone to burn calories and tone up using exercises built to lose those hard spots!


Piyo combines the very best Pilates- and yoga-inspired moves and cranked up the speed to give you full-throttle cardio, strength, and flexibility training—all at once. PiYo packs it ALL into each workout so you can build lean muscle mass.

Now you can carve every inch of your body. By using your body weight to perform a series of continuous, targeted moves, to burn fat as you redefine every single muscle. No weights. No jumps. Just hardcore results.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a traditional yoga style which includes sequences focused on proper alignment of the body. In this class, you will be partaking in a traditional Hatha yoga style, but at a slightly faster pace. This class is designed to wake the body up with fluidity, motion and a connection to your breath! 


Like R.I.P.P.E.D. - Rumble’s formulated with Systematic Science based techniques that are safe, effective, and FUN!

You will use a weapon; The Rumble Stick - creates a higher degree of training and is an extension of your body, which enhances spatial awareness and overall movement.

Similar to R.I.P.P.E.D., Rumble has been created for EVERY body! No martial arts experience required, just a willingness to sweat, a desire to get an incredible workout, and the willingness to have fun along the way!


U-Jam Fitness® is an athletic hip-hop dance fitness workout that combines easy to learn steps and high energy music for a workout that will get your heart rate up, your body moving, and make you work up a sweat in no time -- all while having fun!

Cycle Circuit

Cycle for 30 minutes to get your cardio going and then spend 30 minutes getting your entire body toned to the max!


This 60 minute workout challenges all your muscle groups by using the very best weight room exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls.  Set to a rocking sound track that will motivate you to be the very best!  

Healthy Balance Circuit

This 45 minute strength training class is uses are variety of tools such as dumbbells, chairs, bands, and balls to build lean muscle, and re-energize!  In this class you will take time to learn proper form for functional movements such as squats, presses, and curls.  All fitness levels are welcome!  

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a Yang Style version of the unique movements of Tai Chi.  This is a gentle form of exercise that promotes balance of body, quiets the mind and improves strength and flexibility, through beautiful, purposeful movements.  This class is good for any fitness level and chair options are available.  

Gentle Yoga (Silver Sneakers)

A Yoga class for the Silver Sneakers members. Gives you the same as regular Yoga class with the exception that all moves can be done while sitting in a chair.

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